for the
Taste Of the Foothills Discount Card Program

User = anyone using the program
Vendor/Treasure{s} = anyone who has an offer in the program
Offer= deal used in the program
Card= Valid id for use of specials in the program in print, or on marketourbackroads.com
Taste Of The Foothills Discount Program; Taste Of The Foothlls Program = Travel Club based upon terms of use in the program
Treasure= Organizations, businesses, and other entities shared for others who may want to know about located in region.
Section 1
Active Card(s)
Card No. TH1807 must be used with all discounts offers. Only valid cards will be listed. 

Section 2
 The advertisers have agreed for a discount offer to be good beginning the month
issued for twelve consecutive months   with possible changes and limitations throughout one year without notice. User agrees that publisher of discount program  in print, online, or any form  makes no guarantee of  products, places,  and services used under this program, and can not be held responsible. Can  not be used with any other offer. Can not be redeemed for cash. User agrees with terms applied  to DayTripGetAways.com, MarketOurBackRoads.com, or any form not listed. User may contact for updates on terms of service.   Card can not be used unless expiration month
is provided on card.

Section 3
Daytripgetaways.com Group Guides publish local treasures unique to the backroads of our historic communities. Free listings are available of those treasures so that others may enjoy them.  These offers have been shared by advertisers  across the region. The reader may decide if they would like to  the use any valid offers .   Using the Taste Of The Foothills VIP PASS Discount Card Program means users agree with the terms of service on DayTripGetAways.com, Marketourbackroads.com, email, pdf, print, or  any other form.   Be sure to check out contact information provided before setting out on your journey, due to the fact that unexpected changes may have occurred after listing of any offer online,  in print  publication, or the possibility of human error.

Section 4
The user understands that we will try to list offers   in print, or online no longer valid when possible. However, the user understands we may not always have the updated information. We assume no responsibility for errors or omissions. The Taste Of The Foothills VIP PASS Discount Card Program is not a substitution for proper planning for any trip concerning the places, products, and services that are used. Submit your treasures to day[email protected] • Call 770-723 -6574. Mail: DayTripGetAways.com, P.O. Box 603 Hiram, GA 30141. For other ad rates, call Doyce at 404-291-8271

Section 5

Offers that are Valid will be available Monday Thru Saturday only , or selected days in between by the merchant.

Cards must be issued within the expiration date of the sales campaign of card. Cards issued after the sales campaign sell of the cards become immediately invalid, and no refunds are given. The sales campaign expiration dates are not listed on the card, online, or in print as public information. This is to prevent any  expiration dates added to the card that should not be otherwise authorized. Merchants do not have to honor offer promotion outside the campaign expiration dates of the card. The card 
used  with in the merchant agreement, and merchant agreement expiration date.

Section 6
Efforts are made to honor offers. However, changes can be made without notice, and effective immediately due to circumstances beyond the control of merchant, publisher, or any third parties who maybe involved. 

Section 7
Additions, changes, sections and other information made can be made without notice  at any time in the Taste Of The Foothills Program Terms of Use. This allows the program
deemed to operate by administration of the Taste of the Foothills Program.

Section 8
The Taste Of The Foothills Program is owned, and pubished by DayTripGetAways

DayTripGetAways.com, P.O. Box 603 Hiram, GA 30141. For assistance, call 770-723-6574
At any time without notice vendors maybe added, or deleted  without reason.
We strive to provide value treasure offers that are  family friendly, and can be delivered through local churches, and schools.

Section 9
All users, vendors, publisher, and others may refer  treasures across the region for the Taste Of The Foothills Program. While, it is our aim that everyone has a positive experience. The user agrees that this is not predictable. The user agrees that no other vendors, user,, publisher, or any other can be held responsible for products, services, or any other information provided. The user agrees that it is at the discretion of the user to accept, or not accept the offer. The user agrees that each vendor is individually advertising their own business, organization, or whatever in the Taste Of The Foothills Program as in any other method online, or in print.