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 Editing /Proofing:
   A quick review of your online navigation pages, blogs, and social media will identify changes that need to be corrected. If you are planning an email campaign, reduce the possible errors by previewing content. Give your printed materials a quick glance.  Let us assist with any size task at a reasonable rate. 

Competitive rates available for general assignments.  

Email Management:
It is time consuming to respond with every inquiry that comes to your inbox. When running campaigns, you have to let something else go. Your business has to be managed. We can offer an extra hand to assist you with an email management campaign. 

Social Media Management:
What platform should you target your business? What type of pages should you build? How should you engage? We are here to save you time. 

Give us a call for  reasonable rates. 

 Virtual Receptionist:
Do you need someone to answer phones, and assist with other tasks?

Adminstrative Office Needs:
When you need additional office custom for your business, give us a call. 

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